Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Why I buy, store,sleep,breath and swear by books!!

Of late, I have been resisting (rather, trying to resist) my insatiable urge to buy that ‘just one more’ book. Both Landmark and Crossword bookstore’ were offering discounts recently and inspite of two enticing visits, I came back with just a single book- ‘Where Eagles Dare by Alistair Maclean’.

Now, that’s a HUGEly successful bout of Self-control, I tell you!!!
And all this is because of the predicament I am in when it comes to storing my books. All cupboards are filled already and the house is filled with full cupboards! The alternative storage areas for these afore mentioned books, the cartons, are gathering undisturbed dust. And P keeps reminding me of the E-Books I am yet to start perusing!

But then the other day, caught in another of those interminable traffic snarls mid afternoon, this little place by the roadside with just enough space to squeeze in the car, was altogether too enticing to pass by.
Well, the place wasn’t as little as I had expected it to be, considering the shabby, dingy stairway that lead up from the nondescript sign-board.

And I decidedly realised one thing that day, that I am a Bigger bibliomaniac than an Acrophobic!!

It had a first-floor section that stored (ALAS!) the fictions. I had to go check, just Had To!! And there I climbed up the narrowest, steepest and the most dizzying staircase I have ever climbed.

Now, climbing up is not the problem, you have to get down. And this stairway was just plain iron bars, uncovered and making you realise the depth you would fall to if u happened to slip!!

But all for the love of books!!!

I hypnotised myself to avoid feeling that sinking, bleary feeling i happen to feel each time I look down from even a first-floor terrace.And I also told myself to forget worrying about the risk of damage to my Most Beloved Pencil Shoes. (No, I somehow didn't concurrently think about damaging my legs or any other bone!! Though, I still cannot imagine the co-incidence. why on earth did I happen to wear those heels on that very day?)

But i survived!! And here I am, back home with these!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And thankfully with an intact pair of precious heels!

Now, doesn’t it make me eligible for a splurge at a proper place (Read book store with escalators)….??


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Arnov said...

Looks like that was a real good adventure! but are these really 'rare' books ? Nevertheless, I'm sure you got a good deal!!

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