Saturday, March 27, 2010

And We Eat!

The Day wasn’t fruitful. Hot, Dry, Boring. Another one of those un-creative, monotonous, routine, busy days.

And as usual, thought of GOOd FooD was the uppermost!!

I came up with this to finish off dinner.

It’s called ‘APPLE DELIGHT’

Those of you out there who relish a crunchy, juicy, chewy pie will just savour this


The Cinnamon enhances the taste of the apple with butter here.

Serving suggestions:

1. Vanilla ice-cream

2. Bitter-Chocolate Sauce

3. Just have it warm, STRAIGHT from the oven!


Oh!yes..I almost forgot. I finally had a wonderful day yesterday!!!

P.S.: Want d recipe? Watch out for my new ‘Kooking Blog’. Coming soon…

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