Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tribute to 'Daddy'

                      Today mummy told me about a human named Caesar Milan and his four leged furry friend named Daddy.

Daddy was a pit-bull. He died last week.
Daddy’s daddy Caesar was a dog whisperer.

Dog Whisperer’s are humans who can speak ‘wooflish’ which is the language we canines talk in. Of course there are different dialects. Like Ginger can speak Woof-Hindi, Woof-Assamese and Woof-English. I am learning these dialects from her.

Because Dog whisperers can understand and talk in wooflish, we canines can easily tell them our problems.

Caesar helps many dawgs who do not have a mom and dad or anyone to love them. He also helps those who are scared, angry and irritable. Daddy always helped him in his work.

Caesar was from Mexico. Later on he settled in LA,USA and worked for us canines as a part of the National Geographic Channel. The Dog Whisperer

Daddy was his beloved friend and son whom he had adopted from rapper Redman.

Mummy tells me he was a very good dog. He was always gentle with other dogs smaller than him and was not at all dangerous or ferocious like the humans think pit-bulls usually are.
He was very famous and widely loved.

Caesar must be very sad that Daddy is dead. He was with him for a very long time…16 years. You can read about him here .

Mummy was sad too when she read this news. But I told her not to be sad because daddy is now in Doggy heaven where there are lots of big bones to chew, cats to chase and plenty of mud to roll in. He will be happy there.

From Buddy and Ginger here….MAY YOU ROLL IN PEACE.


Magali said...

Wolfish... somehow seems like something Tolkien would say!
Anyway, roll in peace Daddy.

Magali said...

Hey Aksharaa, why no post since so long now?

Restless Soul said...

Anyone who's EVER seen Dog Whisperer knows Daddy was more than just a pit-bull, he was an integral part of the dog whisperer family...

may he roll in peace, wherever he is.

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