Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cakes,Chocolate and a Slice of Life....!!

There is not a single sachet of liquid hand-wash anywhere in the 3 baskets in our store-room and Soap cakes are just so untidy!

Not my fault. I usually buy 7 of them at a go. Buy 3 get 3 free. And 1 new brand that has just been launched.

This time they just had this buy 1 get 1 free scheme on! And there were no new brands.

Why is it that a few eggs, flour, oil and sugar baked together is just so much more tempting than an omelet and roti? The key word here is ‘baked’ I guess!

Now, there is this bakery with a HUGE advertisement hoarding your taste-buds just cannot miss. Their juice centre boasts of No-Sugar, purely natural fruit juices. The seats face the glass cupboard whish stores the choicest of pastries.
Well, the owner also owns the gym I go to, just above this bakery!! He lectures about the advantages of fresh fruit juices after a hard work-out!!

Ginger and Buddy have tails going thump-thump-thump, there eyes mirroring blissful joy! They are busy tearing down empty toothpaste cartons, fetching empty water bottles and chasing fire-flies in the garden.
Empty..? They redefine contentment, love and everyday happiness the way we humans never can hope to.

There is this Kashmiri patient of P’s who presented him a large basket full of Kashmiri apples that looks and tastes exactly like those that are abundantly sold all over Hyderabad, especially just outside P’s clinic!!
Now, do you thank him for the Hyderabadi apples? Or reproach him for lying about the non-Kashmiri ones?
Come to think of it, Hyderabad doesn’t grow any apples!! For that matter, Andhra Pradesh doesn’t grow any apples at all!

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