Wednesday, March 31, 2010

ORANGE Tendulkar

Kuddos 2 Sachin....highest score in IPL 2010! However much you may love the likes of Kallis, Hayden and Gilli, it always feels so much better to see an Indian at the top of the list.

Oh!heck...IPL is all about international solidarity etc etc. But 'phir bhi yeh dil hain Hindustani' .Who cares? All is fair in love and criket in India!!

And by the way, Sehwag is no longer playing for my IPL 11. He is being replaced by dear old Bhajji!! Dilshan and Mascarenhas are out too. Kallis and Warner are in.

Warney playing tomorow. PRAY PRAY PRAY



(Photo credit: Google search)


Magali said...

Never followed cricket, but there's always the saying, 'If cricket is religion, Sachin is God!'

aksharaa said...

Yeps! u know what, even the seasoned criketers acting as out field commentators in this IPL,specially the foreigners are so awed by the crowd-reaction Sachin generates.
They have coined him a Demi-God!

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