Monday, January 25, 2010

Me, Myself and a Blog

Every word leaves a memory in your heart – and it the sum of these memories that form sentences, paragraphs, books…’credits..Paulo coelho’s blog’

This is the story of a girl who just wants to be herself. To love as she likes and to hate as she chooses to. To think and say and do as she likes.
And then, at the same time to do all this without offending.

A contradiction she handles not to well!

4 ½ times out of 5, one doesn’t really believe her when she speaks her mind. She usually says exactly what she thinks. Or worse still, they do believe her and conclude she is not exactly this angel.

This blog isn’t about who will believe and who won’t. This isn’t about how anyone will think of you. This isn’t about who will or will not read it. In fact, this isn’t about anyone at all.

How many of you have actually sat and written down your thoughts, uncaring about the implications? Forget writing, how many of us actually says all that we actually would like to say? Believe me, you owe it to yourself. To be yourself.

That fine morning, when I announced across the breakfast table that I am starting a blog, P, without missing a beat, gave me his ‘we shall see’ look. Not without reason. The number of unfinished projects I have on hand range from stitching Buddy’s coat and Ginger’s belt, making their portrait to learning horse riding. Not to forget the three books I am currently reading. Undeterred, I persist. He makes way, clears the desk, brings in potted plants. Greenery helps, he says. Buddy and Ginger curl up near me, unflinching in their support. P decides to provide some background score, strumming away on the guitar. The atmosphere was too tempting to let pass…I promptly go back to my book!

Now when you have so many things you want to talk about and live with someone as monosyllabilic as P, you got to do something about it. This blog idea was weighing very heavily on my mind. And thus passed 157 pages of my book.

But this ‘Jane Austen Book Club’ is no ordinary book. The more I kept reading, the more I wanted to write.
The chronicling reminded me of those days back in school, when you write for school mags, arrange book clubs and stand up for numerous issues you think are afflicting this world. Always on the list of ‘those who talked in class’, I however, could never really ‘talk’ to anyone. ‘Dear diary’ was always my redeemer.
And then one day, I gave that up too. But then, that is another story, for some other day.

Time has a sobering effect. You are not as belligerent as you once were. But deep down you remain the person that you are. Human behaviour changes, the person doesn’t.
I am a true ‘warrior of light’ ( ) and it’s only imperative that I remain so.

My thoughts will be a part of numerous others afloat on the net, but for me, they will make a difference.


Arnov said...

As P rightly said [rather looked], 'we will see'!!

All the best!!

BTW, I liked your first post!

aksharaa said...

thanx,but 'liked' is a non specific term.would like some critical analysis pls!

Sohini said...


its realy a fact dat tis much harder to speak ur mind say wat u u think...wat u lyk...hw u lyk and d rest...i do sumwhr identify wid u...many of us hav to prove ourselves at evry step of it wrkin..studyn...writing...or rather a very simple family lyf...its a challenge...which ppl lyk u take up strongly...challengingly... keep it up...

good start...but d thots can grow into something more precise...since dis is ur first blog...thrz a lot u wanna say...say them... :)

all d best... :)

Dhiraj said...

"someone as monosyllabilic as P"

You can't better this :)

First post - must say a good beginning... i am sure you will open up more with the second, third...posts.

i would see this first blog as a prologue...i would love to read about those fullthroated opinions, etc. It would be nice to read about how being oneself sometimes unintentionally causes rifts etc.

i must say, its truly bold of you to start thinking of writing your mind out...all the best.

aksharaa said...

thanx Dhiraj, coming from the literary aficionado hidden behind the now corporate man, this sure is encouraging.

will try to better my first attempt.

about P...after a particularly active day, when i 'listen' back, all i often hear is my monologue with interludes filled by P's 'yes, really? , i see' and at the max 'u think too much!'...!!!

how about that?

Ria said...

I must say,i really liked ur 1st post...To speak your mind,to express ur thoughts in a way is a good start...Keep it up!!

aksharaa said...

Thnx Ria,

need all d encouragement i can get.
will surely try to keep up to ur expectations

Akashbonti said...

Hi dear,
I must appreciate ur effort...i think sm r born with extra zeal,wisdom n energy...
nw as d discussion here is abt speaking ur mind,i trully feel dat its by no means easy,specially wen pple r not like-minded n here is d chance of one being misunderstood or projected as loud.Moerover, expressing ur mind can make a peson d most talked abt or in feminine words gossiped in one's surrounding which maybe very upsetting pple r bound to be not necessarily hypocritic but follow d trend by thinking dat u cannot change d world but u ahve to change.

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